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A new opening in Berlins popular district Prenzlauer Berg is making people curious. Since July 2022, Canify Clinics Berlin has been supporting chronically ill patients in their treatment with medical cannabis. Patients and trained physicians are brought together both at the clinic in Kastanienallee and via online appointments.

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Canify Clinics vision is to improve the quality of life of chronically ill patients with a combination of empathy and science. Canify Clinics is headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and specializes in providing medical and telemedical services. With the new location in Kastanienallee, our expertise in medical cannabis can now be shared with patients in Germany's capital city.

Cannabis Doctors Berlin

Canify Clinics Berlin is supported by cooperating doctors like Andreas Mednyánszky.  In his search for the most effective way of healing, Andreas studied physiotherapy, osteopathy and classical medicine. Finally, he found a method to alleviate the suffering of as many patients as possible in the form of cannabinoid therapy. Since then, he has been committed to this branch of medicine.

Andreas Mednyánszky

Procedure of treatment

Patients can have their treatment request reviewed online by a cooperating doctor free of charge. All they need to do is register for free on the Canify Clinics website and answer questions about their health condition. If the criteria for the prescription are met, an initial on-site appointment is scheduled for readmission - only at this point charges will apply. During a comprehensive examination, patients receive an initial assessment from the treating cooperating physician and can be prescribed medical cannabis based on this assessment.

In follow-up consultations, appointments for prescription renewal and an annual follow-up, the therapy can be deepened and optimized. The best thing is that follow-up appointments can also be carried out digitally without any complications. This means that the consultation can be ideally adapted to the specific needs of the patient. In addition, the Canify Clinics support team (free of charge) is available to help patients with every step of their treatment with medical cannabis, as well as with any other questions they may have. This ensures a safe, effective and comprehensive treatment.

Home of Relief Canify Clinics Berlin

Home of Relief - Canify Clinics Berlin

Canify Clinics Berlin

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