Cannabis doctors in Dortmund

Canify Clinics supports chronic patients on their way to treatment with medical cannabis. The cannabis doctors are ready to welcome you in Dortmund.

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Phone: (+49) 030/89613627 (headquarter)
Address: Am Kai 8, Haus 1/4. OG, 44263 Dortmund

Cannabis doctors Dortmund

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Cannabis doctors Dortmund

Answering questions about your health status and uploading your medical history documentation will help the doctor prepare for your consultation. You can book an appointment with a doctor when your patient application has been approved.

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Cannabis doctors Dortmund

We look forward to welcoming you to our medical practice in a pleasant atmosphere at the Phoenix See in Dormund. After an initial on-site meeting, you have the option of virtual video conferencing for further appointments. We want to make your treatment with medical cannabis as safe, effortless and effective as possible.

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Here you can find doctors who are specially trained in medical cannabis.

On our platform you will find doctors who accompany your therapy with know-how and empathy.

Cannabis doctor Dortmund Martin Lehmann

Martin Lehmann

Martin is a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine (ENT) and covers the entire field. The therapy of allergies, sleep problems and tinnitus are focus areas in his practice. But he also offers therapies beyond the ENT field. In his practice at the Phoenix See in Dortmund, there is not only a wonderful view, but Martin also offers treatment for patients who are interested in cannabis therapy and hope to improve their quality of life in this way.

Areas of expertise

  • Cannabinoid medicine
  • Ear, nose and throat medicine


  • German
  • English

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