Pricing and services

Health should be affordable for everyone. Here you will find an overview of our prices and services.

Canify Clinics

Registration and patient application

There is no charge to register as a patient at Canify Clinics and to submit an application based on your medical history for evaluation by a doctor. If your condition is suitable for a consultation with one of our affiliated doctors, the costs of consultations and medication are carried privately.*

Sign up as a patient


As every patient and treatment is different, the prices of consultations are calculated individually by the doctor and are tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Because transparency is important, however, we offer you these estimates of the usual prices for consultations:

Initial online consultation: 99-115€ *

Initial in person consultation: 99-115€ *

Follow-up (20 minutes): 89€ *

Follow-up (10 minutes): 59€ *

Prescription renewal: 29€ *

*the actual prices result from the GOÄ and may deviate from it.

Your first booking will be a face-to-face consultation and will include a thorough examination. During this consultation, you can discuss treatment-relevant information with your doctor in a calm environment and receive your first prescription based on the doctor´s assessment.

Follow-up consultations are slightly shorter than the first consultation, but you will have enough time to discuss all questions and details about the course of your treatment with your doctor. Based on the doctor's assessment, you can get a new prescription. Follow-up consultations can be conducted as face-to-face or virtual consultations.

Prescription renewal appointments are available to patients who are in stable treatment. These are short consultations where you can get a new prescription based on the doctor's assessment. Prescription renewals can be done in a face-to-face or a virtual consultation.

The yearly check is carried out at the practice and serves to discuss the course of your treatment in detail. According to the doctor's assessment, you can receive a new prescription during the consultation.

Canify Clinics cooperate with doctors well-educated in the administration of medical cannabis. They will thoroughly evaluate your health status and needs before deciding and planning a step-by-step treatment aimed at providing the best possible treatment.

Support team

Our Canify Clinics Support Team is ready to guide you through every step of the patient journey, and their support is free of charge. We can assist you during the registration and application phase, and with bookings and any questions you may have before or after the consultations.

Patient account

The patient account is your personal space where you can view your profile information, review and manage your bookings, and find relevant patient guides. You can also view the progression of your health and the effect of your treatment based on your regular health check-ins (see below for more details).

Health check-ins

After your first consultation, you will have the option to register your current health status based on those of the following factors relevant for you: pain, mood, concentration, sleep, appetite, physical activity and quality of life. Your answers will be saved and transformed into easily readable graphics, so you can follow the progression of your condition and the effect of your treatment.

* The costs of a consultation with a private doctor are only covered for patients with private health insurance cover. For those with statutory health insurance, costs for consultations with private doctors are reimbursable only if they have a suitable supplementary health insurance. The costs of prescribed medications may be covered by health insurance in some cases as well. Please contact your health insurance company to enquire about their policy.

** You can cancel the appointment up to 24 hours in advance free of charge. A fee of EUR 50 will apply for bookings cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment.