What is telemedicine?

Canify Clinics as a telemedicine provider

Canify Clinics as a telemedicine provider

Time and distance do not always allow people to visit a doctor in a local practice. This is why the concept of telemedicine is increasingly being used in the health sector. But what is telemedicine all about? Diagnosis and therapy can often be carried out by means of video calls, for example. Telemedicine is part of the digitalisation of health care.

Canify Clinics as a telemedicine provider

Canify Clinics wants to support you on your way to medical cannabis. It is still not easy to find doctors who prescribe medical cannabis and have the expertise to do so. Finding a suitable practice can be an insurmountable hurdle. To make your path to medical cannabis easier, Canify Clinics also acts as a telemedicine provider. This means that you only need to visit your local practice once a year. The cooperating doctors in our practices are all specially trained in the medical use of cannabis and can safely assess whether a medical condition and personal circumstances are in favour of a therapy with cannabis or not.

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Telemedical prescription of medical cannabis - how does it work?

After you have registered on our portal free of charge and without obligation, our doctors will check your documents and contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps. If treatment with medicinal cannabis is an option for you, an appointment with one of our cooperating doctors will follow. Prescription renewal appointments are available for patients who are adjusted to their medication. These are short consultations where you can get a new prescription based on the doctor's assessment. Prescription renewals can be done in a face-to-face appointment or, as Canify Clinics is also a telemedicine provider, in a video appointment. Only once a year is there an on-site appointment to discuss the success of your treatment in detail - we are happy to help you prepare for this. With the offer of a large part of the doctor's visits via telemedicine, you as a patient avoid unnecessary journeys.


Is telemedicine the future?

Telemedicine procedures make many things easier: if you have a busy schedule, it is easier to arrange a visit to the doctor by video call; spatial distances no longer play a role and make it easier, for example, in rural areas or for seriously ill people. Telemedicine can also be used to talk to doctors from different specialities.

How does telemedicine work?

As in many areas, healthcare is becoming more and more digital and telemedicine is playing an increasingly important role. Some doctors already offer online consultations or make appointments online. In doing so, they must ensure that the online service provider used protects the patient's data as required. Some associations of panel doctors also offer their own video consultations, for example "docdirekt" in Baden-Württemberg.

What are telemedical services?

Telemedical services are, for example, online consultations in which patients have a conversation with their doctors via video conference. When doctors discuss a case together, this is called teleconsultation. Some therapeutic or preventive measures, such as weight loss courses, are already available as telemedicine and are partly covered by health insurance.

Disclaimer and legal information

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