Preparation for the consultation

Here is a general guideline for you, as a medical cannabis patient, to help you prepare for a consultation with the doctors.

cannabis on prescription

1. Create patient account

First, you need to create your personal patient account, which offers profile information and useful guidelines. Once your patient application is approved, you can also view and manage bookings and follow your health status over time based on your own weekly check-ins.

2. Fill out patient application

Next, please complete the questionnaire about your health status truthfully. That way, the doctors can get to know you and provide the best treatment guidance during your consultation.

  • Consider which main condition you want to address with medical cannabis. You will find examples of the symptoms we usually treat under Relevant indications. Also, consider whether you have other diagnoses that might influence your treatment with medical cannabis; see Contraindications.

  • Please locate information (name, dosage, and time period) about any medications you are currently taking and about the medication you have taken in the past for your main condition. This is needed to give the doctor a thorough sense of your medical history.

  • Please be sure to find the most recent medical documents covering all your diagnoses (e.g. medical records from hospitals and/or specialist doctors). You will be asked to upload these documents for the online patient questionnaire.
cannabis on prescription

3. Booking an appointment in patient account

Once your patient application is approved, you can book consultations, view bookings, and start video consultations using your patient account.

4. Before the consultation

Do you have a condition or symptom requiring immediate relief and/or a more long-lasting effect? The method of administering cannabis will depend on your needs and will be decided in consultation with your doctor. Familiarise yourself with the different means of administering cannabis in Pharmacokinetics.

5. At the consultation

  • The first consultation is always in-person. This ensures your safety and helps create a personal relationship between you and the doctor. Any follow-up consultations can be video consultations, but you always have the option of booking an in-person follow-up visit as well.

  • You will be asked to show an ID card at the consultation for your and the doctor’s safety.

  • Please also bring all your recent medical documents covering all your diagnoses to the consultation

6. Video consultations

For the online consultations with your doctor, it is important to choose a suitable location. It is highly recommended that you are in a calm and stationary place with no unwanted disturbances from the surroundings. The doctor should be able to see you clearly, so please find a spot with sufficient light (e.g. close to a window during daytime). The quality of the consultations will increase if using a device with a good camera and a fast internet connection. You are always welcome to have a relative close by during video consultations in case you need any support.  

7. After the consultation

  • If you need help understanding the concentration levels of THC and CBD on prescriptions or product labels, please refer to our Practical guidelines. However, please always follow your doctor’s instructions and in case of doubt, always follow their advice.

  • As a patient in our cooperating clinics, you and your doctor have the opportunity to use weekly health check-ins to track the progression of your health status between consultations. Here, you can score the degree of symptom relief and any side effects as well as the way your condition affects your daily life, functioning and well-being. The doctor can use this information to prepare for your next consultation, and to evaluate the effects of your current treatment.

We look forward to welcoming you as a patient in our cooperating clinics. Get started here.